Project NameEmergency Response, Demolition, and Remediation of Fire Damaged Warehouse
ClientConfidential Client
LocationSouthern Illinois

Project Summary

O6 ENV was contacted by Business / Property Owner with a request to provide emergency response services for a warehouse fire. The 125,000 square foot facility was stored several recyclable materials including nonferrous industrial metals, computers, electronics, lithium-ion batteries, and various metallic powders. O6 ENV was responsible for containing contaminants from the fire that burned for several days as well as building demolition, site remediation, and waste management.

During emergency response operations, O6 ENV successfully prevented contamination from migrating off site. Crews worked around the clock utilizing vacuum trucks and frac tanks to collect and contain run off water from firefighting operations. O6 ENV installed a berm lined with absorbent socks around the building foundation for water maintenance during demolition and remedial operations. O6 ENV collected, sampled, and managed the transportation and disposal of more than 230,000 gallons of water.

After the fire, crews demolished all structures still standing to achieve safe access for site investigation activities. O6 ENV formulated and initiated sampling plans and used the analytical data to characterize and develop several waste streams. Crews meticulously segregated materials utilizing hydraulic excavators with various attachments, heavy duty screening plants, magnets, and manual labor. Water cannons were set up to control dust emissions and daily personnel and perimeter air monitoring confirmed its effectiveness.

Throughout the project, over 7,000 tons of material were containerized and loaded out. O6 ENV estimates that the careful material segregation and creative disposal and recycling alternatives saved the customer over $20,000,000.