Project NameScrubber Tower Cleaning and Maintenance
ClientCounty Landfill
LocationMadison, WI

Project Summary

O6 Environmental Services was contracted by Dane County Landfill to perform maintenance and cleaning of a landfill gas scrubbing tower containing plastic packs and sulfur sludge. O6 ENV provided all equipment, labor, materials, disposal, and transportation to clean scrubber towers. O6 ENV disposed of approximately 140 tons of solid and liquid waste generated from the tower cleaning process. The material generated from cleaning process was a difficult material to dispose of because of its high sulfur level and smell. O6 ENV used a solidification material to solidify any liquid product that may have been present in roll off containers.

O6 ENV utilized a 15,000psi hydro blaster and a vacuum truck to contain all waste material onsite. The hydro blaster was used to destroy plastic packs that extended 40’ up in these scrubbing towers. All plastic material was cleaned off and disposed properly. All sludge and solid waste was profiled as a Non-RCRA waste and disposed of at designated disposal facilities. All generated liquid waste was neutralized in frac tanks and disposed of at the local sanitary district.

O6 ENV completed project with no safety issues.