Blueknight Energy Partners (now Ergon)

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Asphalt Storage Tank Cleaning


Blueknight Energy Partners (now Ergon)


Saint Louis, MO

Safety hazards associated with ultrahigh pressure (UHP) water blasting is one of the most important considerations when planning to hire a contractor to perform 20k – 40k psi hydro work. Safety is the forefront of every job and it’s why O6 ENV has maintained a zero-incident rating for over 4 years. Evaluation and management of hazards, commonly associated with UHP work, will be addressed in O6 ENV’s site specific health and safety plan. However, because we are proposing the use of ultrahigh pressure, I wanted to highlight O6 ENV’s focus on equipment and tool inspections and use of specialty PPE and tooling specific to ultrahigh pressure water blasting like metatarsal safety shoes, turtle suites, extended wands, double trigger, and tumble boxes.

Pictured is a project where O6 ENV was contracted to clean out a series of asphalt storage tanks for Blueknight Energy.

O6 ENV gained access to the inside of the tanks by cutting an access panel sufficient to place a mini excavator and skid steer inside the tank. By doing this, O6 ENV gained the ability to move large equipment inside the tanks to assist in bulk removal of the remaining material.

Bulk solids were removed from the tank and solidified in roll-off boxes prior to shipment off site for disposal. Once the tank was cleared of materials, the heating coils that remained at the bottom of the tank were removed and set aside for further inspection from the Blueknight Energy staff.

Ultrahigh pressure (40k psi) water blasting was used in the final stages to remove all hardened debris from the floor, outer edge, and tank walls. Finally, the tank was inspected in preparation for placing it back into service.

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