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Our extensive experience in environmental remediation, spanning over 20 years, allows us to quickly create custom solutions tailored to our customers' specific goals and budget.

O6 Environmental aims to be your trusted partner in comprehensive environmental remediation solutions. With over twenty years of expertise, we are committed to providing safe, reliable, and compliant environmental contracting and field services to commercial, industrial and government customers.

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Understanding Environmental Remediation

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O6 Environmental specializes in providing comprehensive environmental remediation services encompassing scope of work planning and design, construction, leasing, and maintenance of a diverse range of solutions.

These solutions effectively aid companies in achieving their desired land and water quality objectives for their sites. By implementing environmental remediation strategies, O6 Environmental assists in containing, treating, and managing the disposal of contaminants while minimizing the environmental impact to perimeter soil and groundwater.

The process involves the removal of pollutants from soil, groundwater, surface water, sediments, and other natural materials, often through methods such as geotechnical excavation or in situ treatment. Through thorough site evaluations and contamination assessments, O6 Environmental's Project Managers possess extensive expertise in handling various environmental remediation projects.

Our Environmental Remediation Services

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Soil Excavation

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In Situ and Ex Situ
Soil Stabilization

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Asbestos and Lead

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Excavations Related to
Emergency Response Activities

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Investigative / Exploratory
Pits and Trenches

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Liner and Cap

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Remediation Service

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Coal Ash Pond

Tailored Solutions for Every Challenge

With our team of experienced professionals, we develop customized environmental remediation solutions to suit diverse industries and project requirements. To ensure successful environmental remediation, it is crucial to collaborate with a top-tier environmental solutions company that possesses specialized expertise in the field. Whether your project involves chemical or fuel oil storage, groundwater and soil contamination, or comprehensive site evaluation, the assistance of an environmental remediation specialist is essential in meeting regulatory requirements and executing the remediation process accurately.

By employing advanced soil remediation systems such as soil vapor extraction or groundwater remediation, organizations dealing with substantial amounts of chemical pollutants or other environmental contaminants can effectively address and mitigate environmental damage.

When partnering with O6 Environmental, you gain access to a team of environmental remediation experts who excel in conducting site evaluations and developing comprehensive remediation plans. These plans prioritize compliance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards, community regulations, and the well-being of public health and workers' safety. Our company supports environmental consulting and design firms that engage in large-scale, complex environmental cleanup projects, requiring an environmental contractor with a track record of extensive experience, robust financial stability, heavy equipment resources, and unwavering commitment to health, safety, and the environment. We offer a wide range of environmental services, including remediation, scope of work and design planning, and site restoration.

For groundwater treatment, we employ cutting-edge methods like pump-and-treat systems, chemical oxidation, and in-situ bioremediation to eliminate harmful substances and ensure the purity of water resources. Our solutions are designed to meet regulatory standards while safeguarding both the environment and public health.

O6 Environmental's expertise extends to various remediation technologies associated with construction, encompassing remedial actions to cleanse contaminated sites and integrated systems for resource reclamation. We have developed proven and reliable remediation systems capable of addressing soil contamination, water pollution, and air quality concerns. Contact us to initiate an environmental site assessment, and let us assist you in your environmental remediation project with our comprehensive suite of services.

Emergency Environmental Remediation Solutions

With a strong foundation in emergency spill response and clean-up, O6 Environmental Services has successfully overseen the remediation and site restoration efforts associated with disaster response. O6 has successfully remediated numerous sites contaminated by substances such as oil, fuel, solvents, hazardous materials, and emerging pollutants like PFAS following a flood event or fire.

These projects encompass a wide range of sizes, scopes, costs, and durations. O6 Environmental's dedicated teams of integrated environmental service professionals work with all stakeholders, including the owner, insurance company, and State and Federal regulators to design an economically viable approach that is protective of human health and the environment.

This collaborative approach ensures the implementation of timely and effective cleanup solutions that yield long-term environmental benefits for all stakeholders.

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Innovative Technologies

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At O6 Environmental, we leverage cutting-edge environmental remediation technologies to deliver tailored solutions. While we specialize in certain techniques, we have established successful partnerships with leading companies specializing in other advanced methods. This collaborative approach allows us to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients.

  • Enhanced Bioremediation: We optimize microbial activity to accelerate the breakdown of organic contaminants. By partnering with experts in enhanced bioremediation, we apply the latest advancements in this field.
  • In Situ Chemical Oxidation or Reduction: We effectively treat a wide range of contaminants, including chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons, using advanced chemical processes. Our partnerships with specialists in this field ensure optimal results.
  • In Situ Soil Stabilization/Solidification (ISS): Stabilization of toxic heavy metal concentrations with the area of concern and generating either a non-hazardous waste once excavated or a non-mixed waste RCRA/TSCA can reduce the cost of final disposal of the treated residual.
  • Deep Soil Mixing: By combining the In Situ technologies described above with Deep Soil Mixing equipment, O6 Environmental has treated contaminates allowing the waste to be left in place rather than excavated and transported off site for disposal.
  • Advanced Remediation Technologies: We work with industry leaders in electrokinetic remediation, thermal treatment, nanoremediation, and chemical immobilization. Through these collaborations, we offer state-of-the-art solutions for complex contamination scenarios.

Through our successful partnerships, we stay at the forefront of environmental remediation innovations. By collaborating with industry leaders, we provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each project.

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