Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Removal

O6 Environmental: Expertise and integrity in storage tank removal you can trust. With a track record of excellence and commitment to sustainable practices, we provide solutions that are both efficient and responsible.

We specialize in the decommissioning of Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST) and Underground Storage Tanks (UST), a complex service that encompasses strategic planning, regulatory permitting, excavation, backfilling, testing, and thorough reporting. Our team manages every part of the process, ensuring your site complies with the latest health and safety protocols, as well as EPA guidelines for the collection, transportation, and disposal of hazardous waste.

The process of tank removal comes with its own set of regulatory hurdles. We hold tank removal licenses in a majority of U.S. states, ensuring that we can manage your project with the highest levels of safety and legal compliance. In regions where we don't hold direct tank removal licenses, rest assured—our strategic partnerships with locally licensed firms guarantee your project will meet all compliance standards without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Why Should You Consider Removing an Underground or Aboveground Storage Tank?

Underground storage tanks (UST) or Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST) are designed to hold a variety of products—from petroleum products like gasoline or heating oil to industrial chemicals and solvents. Over time these tanks gradually corrode and leak toxic substances into the surrounding soil and groundwater, becoming leaking underground storage tanks (LUST). This contamination can spread off-site, causing substantial environmental risks, contaminated soil, groundwater, or even the atmosphere.

Moreover, the presence of a faulty or aging tank can subject you to considerable legal and financial liability, including the potential for environmental fines and the costs of remediation. Proactively removing your UST or AST is both a measure of environmental responsibility and a safeguard for legal compliance and long-term peace of mind.

partially underground storage tank
storage tank removal by torch

How Are Underground or Aboveground Storage Tanks Removed?

We begin the tank removal process by safely inerting the tank to eliminate any explosive or hazardous gasses, creating a controlled environment. Following this, we prepare the surrounding site for the tank’s removal which involves deconstructing any barriers, such as concrete pads for USTs or protective walls for ASTs, and proceeding with excavation or dismantling as needed.

Once safe access to the tank is established, our crews perform a cleaning to remove any residues or sludges. This cleaning operation is carried out under expert supervision, adhering to safety protocols. After the cleaning, the tank is dismantled, and all waste materials are handled and disposed of at certified facilities.

For the associated piping and infrastructure, similar care is taken to ensure they are cleared, capped, and prepared for either safe removal or reuse. A key aspect of our services includes partnership with specialized environmental consulting firms for site assessment and remediation. These experts conduct soil and groundwater tests around the tank site to check for possible contamination. If remediation is needed, immediate action is taken to mitigate the environmental impact.

Following successful completion of environmental assessments, the site is backfilled and restored to its original condition using environmentally responsible materials. Closure reports, which detail the entire operation and affirm compliance with city, county, and state regulations, are prepared by our consulting partners and provided for your records.

Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Maintenance

In certain instances, complete tank removal may not be immediately feasible or necessary. In such cases, our Industrial Services division offers a range of supplementary services designed to maintain and manage your storage tanks:


High-pressure hydroblasting effectively cleans tanks and equipment, removing accumulated residue and contaminants for improved safety and operational efficiency.

Liquid Vacuuming Services

Our liquid vacuuming solutions can efficiently remove and transport waste materials from your tanks, aiding in both maintenance and emergency spill response.

Waste Disposal

We offer compliant and environmentally responsible waste disposal services, handling everything from classification to transportation and final disposal of hazardous waste.

Call O6 For Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Removal Services

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From site assessments to emergency responses, our Industrial Services division is equipped to provide a comprehensive set of solutions to meet your specific needs. Interested in discussing your Underground Storage Tank or Aboveground Storage Tank removal needs? Contact us today to learn how O6 Environmental can provide a custom solution for your project’s specific needs.

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