Emergency Response & Clean-Up

The O6 Environmental Emergency Response Team protects life, public health, and the environment while minimizing mitigation, remediation, and disposal costs.

Oil, chemical, fuel, and other hazardous waste materials can cause lasting damage to water, soil, air, and wildlife ‒ ultimately endangering our communities. O6 disaster response and emergency management works quickly to contain, clean, collect, and dispose of hazardous waste.

O6 personnel bring knowledge and experience from thousands of previous accidents and natural disasters in order to provide safe and economical solutions. Our core response capabilities include:

  • Emergency Spill Cleanup
  • Biological and Infectious Materials Cleanup
  • Leaking Containers
  • Punctured Lines
  • Pipeline Ruptures
  • Fixed Facility/Industrial Incidents
  • AST Releases
  • UST Releases
  • Saddle Tank Releases
  • Tanker Truck Rollovers
  • Railroad Derailments
  • Airplane Accidents
  • DOT Accidents
  • Ship Groundings
  • Maritime Spills
  • Mercury Spills
  • Floods, Tornados, and Natural Disasters
  • Well Pad Emergencies
  • Homeland Security Incidents
  • Emergency Lab Packs
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Emergency response and recovery requires a thorough understanding of local, state, and federal guidelines for hazardous materials, disease control, and environmental health. O6 emergency and disaster response teams receive extensive training on OSHA and EPA regulations, as well as current best practices for cleaning oil, chemical, and industrial waste.

Our teams are ready to respond to an emergency situation at a moment's notice, 365 days a year. Extensive training, equipment, and resources allow us to deploy fast and effective countermeasures at any spill scenario, large or small, at any rig, pipeline, refinery, or industrial facility on land or water. Regardless of the type, volume, and movement of the spill, our highly evolved tactics ensure all hazardous materials are contained, recovered, dispersed, and collected in an environmentally sound manner, in accordance with the highest standards and regulations in the United States.

EPA Compliance

The EPA requires every facility that stores, transfers, uses, or consumes oil and stores more than 1,320 gallons in above ground containers or more than 42,000 gallons in underground containers must prepare an SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure) plan if there is a reasonable chance their oil could be discharged into navigable waters such as lakes, rivers and streams. These rules apply to all types of oil, including gasoline, diesel, and heating oil, as well as non-petroleum products, such as animal, vegetable, and synthetic oil.

O6 helps facility owners comply with EPA regulations. We begin by inspecting your operations and work site. Our experts identify and document any potential violations and lay out the steps necessary to bring your site up to code. This may involve building drainage systems, to guide oil into secondary reservoirs, or physical barriers such as dikes, berms, retaining walls, and bladders, to contain the oil during a rupture.

Spill Mitigation

In addition, our team prepares small spill kits, in order to provide your staff with sufficient resources to mitigate incidents until we arrive. Kits include the appropriate spill absorbent, as well as personal protective equipment (goggles, gloves, coveralls, etc.) and basic cleanup equipment such as booms, skimmer socks, pillows, disposal bags, and pads. There is even putty, to seal small leaks. Once the kits are assembled, we distribute them to every potential discharge area.

Besides implementing containment, cleanup, and diversionary measures, the O6 emergency planning team also trains your staff in proper response techniques and reviews your loading, handling, and processing procedures, in order to advise on any changes that could reduce your spill risk and protect the safety of your employees.

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O6 offers comprehensive emergency response cleanup and hazardous waste management services to private, state, and federal facilities. With over 20 years of industry experience, we are one of the most trusted partners in the fight to protect the environment from hazardous substances.

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