Project NameArmory Phase 1 Selective Demolition and Abatement Services
ClientGreen Street St. Louis
LocationSt. Louis, MO

Project Summary

O6 ENV was contracted by Green Street St. Louis to provide project management, field resources, equipment and transportation and disposal services associated with the abatement of lead, asbestos and mold impacted building materials in addition to the interior demolition at the Former Missouri National Guard Armory Building located in St. Louis, MO.

Using Asbestos and Lead Licensed workers, O6 ENV abated 45,000 square feet of ACM Roofing, 62,000 square feet of ACM Floor Tile, 10,000 Linear Feet of ACM Insulated Piping and 45,000 square feet of Lead Based Paint along with the Biological Cleaning of 80,000 square feet of mold / bird guano.

Selective Demolition services (approximately 100,000 square feet) included the removal of all drywall, studs, plumbing, CMU Blocks, wood and tile flooring, windows, roof planks and all remaining building contents. O6 ENV performed selective demolition of concrete walls and flooring to create the openings for stairwells, windows, and elevator shafts associated with the future construction phases.

O6 ENV removed and transported approximately 1,675 tons of Debris for Sub-Title D Disposal, 120 tons of Lead Contaminated Waste for Sub-Title C Disposal and 2,500 tons of concrete for recycling.