Project NameExcavation of MGP Impacted Soil
ClientAmerenn - Illinois
LocationMount Vernon, IL

Project Summary

O6 ENV was contracted by Ameren – Illinois to provide project management, field resources, equipment and transportation and disposal of approximately 5,000 tons of MGP Impacted soil located in the western portion of the former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

O6 ENV mobilized all personnel and equipment to begin preparation work to include facilities installs and protection and removals for excavation operations. Removal of all impacted soil and concrete was performed utilizing an 80,000 lb. hydraulic excavator and end dump trailers providing transportation to Du Quoin, IL for disposal at Sub-Title D Landfill. The MGP impacted soil was manifested as Non-RCRA Regulated Waste under 40 CFR Section 262.34(a) which provides a RCRA Exemption for certain wastes generated from former manufactured gas plant activities.

The site was backfilled beginning with fabric and rock to bridge soil at the water table and provide a stable fully compacted base to properly complete backfill operations. Remainder of the site was backfilled with a combination of clay and gravel backfill on one (1) foot lifts and compacted to 95% utilizing a 35,000 lb. dozer, double drum vibrarory roller and skid steer.

Upon completion of the excavation and backfilling activities an eight (8) foot chain link fence was installed to secure the site.