Project Name (Phase 1)Interior Demolition and Dry Ice Blasting
Project Name (Phase 2)Structural Demolition and Contaminated Soil Excavation
ClientHRP Associates
LocationSt Louis, Missouri

Project Summary

Phase 1: Selective Demolition and Dry Ice Blasting

O6 ENV was contracted by HRP Associates to provide pre-demolition remedial activities which included debris removal, dry ice blasting of suspected lead paint and pressure washing activities at the Carter Carburetor Site in St. Louis, Missouri. These activities were deemed necessary in order to mitigate the release of fugitive emissions generated during the scheduled structural demolition of the former CBI and WILLCO Buildings.

Utilizing 40 Hour Hazwoper trained personnel, O6 ENV removed approximately 1,250 cubic yards of debris, loaded the material into roll off boxes and coordinated the transportation and disposal of the material to a Sub-Title D Landfill. Approximately 90,000 square feet of walls with flaking lead paint was dry ice blasted. All residual paint generated from the dry ice blasting activities was containerized for disposal to a Sub-Title C Landfill. The entire floor of the CBI Building measuring approximately 480,000 square feet was pressure washed to remove the remaining loose solids generated from the debris removal and dry ice blasting activities.

Phase 2: Structural Demolition and Excavation of PCB Contaminated Soil

O6 ENV partnered with a local demolition contractor to complete the structural demolition of the former CBI and WILLCO Buildings and excavation of PCB Contaminated Soils from the former Diecast Area (DCA). All construction activities were managed by HRP Associates and regulatory oversight was provided by Region 7 of the USEPA.

O6 ENV responsibilities included project management, wastewater and storm water collection and treatment services, health and safety support, and the management of the logistics and paperwork associated with the transportation and disposal of TSCA, RCRA and Non-RCRA waste generated from the field activities. In addition, O6 ENV supported the demolition contractor with 40 Hour Hazwoper trained personnel to support with demolition, excavation, concrete processing and backfilling activities associated with the project. O6 ENV also provided field resources and equipment operators at the rail loading area in East St Louis, Illinois. There were approximately 2,800 end dump trailers (60,000 cubic yards) of soil and debris transferred into 100-ton gondolas for rail shipment.