Project Name1501 Washington - Last Hotel Selective Demolition
ClientParic Corporation
LocationSt. Louis, MO

Project Summary

O6 ENV was contracted by Paric Corporation to provide a crew responsible for selective demolition in the historic International Shoe Building. The 11 story, 160,000 square feet building in downtown St. Louis is being renovated into a hotel.

O6 ENV performed a wide variety of demolition tasks including concrete saw cutting, jackhammering, torch cutting, floor and wall removal, and elevator shaft work. Crew members were well trained to perform the tasks safely and efficiently, utilizing demolition hammers, concrete saws, skid steers, excavators, oxygen-acetylene torches, aerial manlifts, and much more. In order to effectively remove all generated trash and debris in a work scene crowded with several other contractors, O6 ENV developed and executed a specific and detailed haul out and disposal schedule that incorporated our own personnel, the on-site operators, and the contracted hauling company.

O6 ENV was awarded the Contractor Safety Award by Paric and given several additional tasks outside of scope due to outstanding performance.